Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Jungle Jims

Last Friday Kamrin and I took our kids to Jungle Jims and it was so fun for not only them but for us too! The kids had a blast! Even Maddie could ride the rides and she had so much fun doing it. She wasnt a fan of the carousel though for some reason. The swings were my favorite to watch her on because the laughed from the time they started moving til they stopped! Jay had that same reaction on the roller coaster. My favorite watching him do was the bumper cars now that was funny!! He would just go in circles til he hit someone or someone hit him. They rode on everything they have there at least once except Maddie didnt go on the roller coaster cause it goes way too fast. I hope we make it there quite often!! It was a blast!!

Loving the carousel!

She wasnt too sure about it!

She loved the swings though!!!

Who let him drive???

This way while the roller coaster was actually going!

He loves driving the bumper cars

Jeep ride

This was the onlt smile from her in there! She hated it!!

Exploring the play set

The dizzy bugs!!

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