Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Second Day Out On The Strip

Our only full day in Vegas was busy but alot of fun! We got up and went right down to breakfast. We went to look inside the Luxor because the whole set up is just so amazing. Then we headed over to the Shark Reef in Mandalay Bay. We went there last May when we went with Shaless and Jared and we knew we had to take Gran and the kids there. The loved it! Jaydan is so into animals and fish right now. After we went back to the hotel to give the kids a nap. We headed to Treasure Island for lunch at this amazing little cafe that has the best chicken fingers I have even had in my life!! We walked over to the Venetian to see the river that runs through it. We saw this white statue that Kamrin and I knew about but we took Gran closer to see it and all the sudden it blinked! It was pretty creepy! It really looks like a statue but its a human and man are they good!! We then got to see a little dance and singing show which was fun. After that we walked back to Treasure Island to see the pirate show. The show they do is awesome! The have fireworks and fire balls galore! Jaydans favorite was the pretty girls in pretty much bras and panties dancing :-) They guy pirates had no shirts on either. The reason I tell you this is I have a funny story to go along with it. So during the show I feel a warm tingle on my belly and sure enough Jay peed through on me! Right after the show we went back to our hotel to change him and myself. Gran stayed in the car with Maddie and when we got up to change Kamrin went into the bathroom. I take off my shirt to put a new clean shirt and Jay yells out "Mommy, you're a pirate now!!!" Oh dear!! Now whenever he sees a bra he will think its a pirate costume!! Later that night I noticed he was trying to take off his shirt and asked what he was doing and he looked up and said "I wanna be a boy pirate!" I couldnt help but laughing so hard both times. That kid cracks me up soooooo much!!!! After we both got dry we headed back down the strip and drove to Fremont St Experience. Then we headed in for the night. We were all so drained at that point. We had so much fun that day!

Playing on the cart we used to take our luggage to the room

Dancing cute on the cart

She looked sooooo cute! I love her like flip flops!!

They really love each other!!

The waterfall wall in the Venetian

Gondola rides in the Venetian

This is a human not a statue!! Creeped me out!!

They put on an awesome little show

Jaydan checking out the alligator

One of the sharks

Kamrin petting a sting ray! YIKES!!

Gran petting one! They are braver then me!!

This was my favorite! They look so awesome!!

When I took this Jaydan said "fishy get in my belly!"

Jaydan and Maddie checking out what was under us in the glass floor

The fountains are truly AMAZING!!

More of the fountain show

Mommy and Jaydan being silly!!!

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