Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentines!!

Jaydan playing with his new jump rope

She got a TON of necklaces!!

He insisted on having his punch from Grandma R right away :-)

I know Im adorable!! (I LOVE her hair in the mornings!! It cracks me up!!)

Our heart tuna sandwiches!

My favorite monster truck

Monster Trucks are AWESOME!!

Cotton candy face!

Check out that cotton candy!!

I LOVE that Jaydan is at the age where he can get excited about holidays and that he now knows more of what is going on. The last week or so he has seen Valentines commCheck Spellingercials and shows and he would tell me that he wants a Valentines Day. My mom always made Valentines and every other holiday so special for us and got us presents for them all and and did special things for it and I want my kids to have that also. So yesterday the kids woke up and my wonderful husband got up with them and let me sleep in a little more. When I came out I saw their very healthy breakfast. Daddy had let them eat the HUGE heart shape cookies our home teachers brought us! Healthy not so much but hey its Valentines! Then we opened all the prizes my mom, grandma and my aunt Lorraine sent for the kids and they were in heaven!! Then we pulled out the presents for Kamrin and I and wow I think they love Valentines now :-) It was Christmas all over again!! Then we ate heart shape tuna sandwiches for lunch. Kamrin and Jaydan got to play Dont Break The Ice a few times and Jay thought it was so awesome to make the guy fall!! We then took Maddie to aunt Pashell so Kamrins parents, Kamrin and I could take Jaydan to Monster Trucks!!! We rode Traxs there so Jay could ride on a choo choo and he loved it!! We got there and the lights went out and it got LOUD! Jay got terrifed and started crying. I felt horrible. Kamrin was still up getting ear plugs so I was holding his ears but with how loud it was and then the dark that was not a good combo. The ear plugs werent doing the job so he was still scared with how loud it was. After daddy went and got him $20 tire ear muffs and mommy got him $10 cotton candy he was one happy boy!!!! He LOVED it after that. Hamma and Hampa spoiled him rotten!! They got him a race flag to wave, a monster truck toy and a awesome glider disc!!! We all really enjoyed ourselves! After that us 5 went to Olive Garden! YUMMMMMY! One of my favorite places! After we went and got Maddie and Hamma gave the kids their Valentines prizes! Like I said Christmas again :-) Our last stop was to see my grandma, mom and Kim. After we got the kids to bed Kamrin and I watched a movie together. We had a GREAT and FUN Valentines!! One of my best ones actually!! Kamrin asked me last week if I rather so something romantic then go to Monster Trucks and I said not at all! The thing that makes me the most happy is to see my husband and kids happy, excited and having a blast! I dont need Valentines to feel how much my husband loves me or to show him how much I love him. I actually rather be romanced on just a random day rather then a day they are supposed to. Im silly I know but even though we had no alone time til after bed time I had one of the best Valentines ever!! The best part is my husband surprised me with a dozen chocolate strawberries and grapes from Cummings Chocolate so what else could I need!?!?!?


Babe I love you and thank you for such a wonderful and fun Valentines!!!!

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