Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bear World 2009

Last Wednesday my brother Shawn called me and asked if Kamrin could get Friday and Monday off and if we could get a sitter for the weekend. Kamrin actually had Friday off and 10 minutes before Shawn called Kamrin was telling me he was supposed to have the next Thursday off but they called a meeting so he needed to pick a new day off. So we looked around and got sitters for the whole weekend. So off we went Friday morning with Shawn and Suzanne to Yellowstone! On our way up there we suggested we stop in Rexburg at Bear World because we had went with Kamrins family and we loved it there. We first went to the petting zoo part of it. The little billy goats were Suzannes best friends. He leaned down to get some food out of the machine and one came up behind her and jumped on her back. She didnt know they were coming up on her so it scared her and she jumped. I laughed so hard! They followed her around for a while and even head butted each other to get food. They were really cute. I had a little friend follow me for a while but not because I had food but because I petted her. It was a tiny baby deer and it was so cute! After we finished the petting zoo part we went through the drive through part. They have bears, elk and some other wildlife that are free and roaming as you drive through. It was so awesome we drove through twice. The last time right before the exit these 2 bears were blocking the way so we couldnt pass. We waited about 5 minutes til a worker drove up to the side of us and got them to move. We were all laughing at that. It was a great way to start our vacation!!!

The bear cubs At Bear World in Rexburg

We are just missing our baby cubs

Suz feeding the baby goats

They wouldnt leave her alone! They knew she had the good stuff :-)

Fighting over the food

This baby deer followed me around

Didnt even wait for Suz to get the food out just ate it straight from the machine

This one was Kamrins favorite because of the mohawk

Playing with the ball

Begging for the grape the worker had

Scratching his back on the post

This one had a blonde mohawk

This one was pulling funny faces at us

These 2 were blocking our way so we couldnt get passed them. After waiting 5 minutes a worker came and got them to move.

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