Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Jaydans 1st Day Of Preschool!

My baby started preschool today!! I cant believe he is big enough to go already! He has been so excited to go for a few weeks since we told him about it. He was so excited to get his backpack yesterday and didnt wanna take it off all night! This morning when he woke up I told him it was time to get in a bath and get ready for school and he asked "School is today?" and had the biggest smile on his face. He started to get nervous on our way there. He kept saying he just wanted to go home. Once we got there he ran straight for the toys and other kids. I had to hunt him down to even say goodbye. When I buckled Maddie in the van she started screaming for Jay :-( She loves him so much and was heartbroken we werent taking him with us. Even 10 min or sso she would say "Jay Jay" so I had to keep telling her we would go back for him in a while. When we picked him up he was so happy to tell me how much he loved it. Thats all he talked about on the way home.

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Dana said...

He is the most photogenic kid I know!! He is so dang cute!