Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Yellowstone Day 1

The first night we got there we checked in our hotel which was in West Yellowstone, Montana. Shawn had got a room with 2 king size beds and a little kitchenette. It was a nice room and I was really excited about the king size bed! Im a bed hog so I bet Kamrin was too so he could actually get more then an inch of bed to sleep on :-) After putting our stuff in our room we walked around the little town to find somewhere to eat dinner. We decided on a BBQ place. It was really busy there that night. I was SO excited when Kamrin pointed out they had fried pickles there so of course we had to get some and I got a pulled pork sandwich. I went to take the first bite and OUCH! The bottom bun was as hard as a ROCK! Kamrin and I both tried to end break it with our hands and couldnt even bend it at all!! I called our waiter over and told him I couldnt even bite into it and he looked at me and asked "So you want a new one?" DUH!! No I think I would like to break all my teeth on this one. He was not a good waiter at all! Never checked on our drinks and hid in the back most of the time. After I got a bun I could bite through it was actually really yummy food though!! After that we walked back to our hotel and Suz, Kamrin and I went to the hotels hot tub. It was only us in a 20 person hot tub! I was so AWESOME and relaxing. We sat and talked in there for quite a long time. Shawn was a party pooper and didnt join us because he was tired and said he had a bit of a head ache. I slept so good that night!

The first morning we all got ready and went and ate the free breakfast in the hotel and headed to the store to buy stuff to take in the park for lunch. We headed into the park pretty early and stayed there all day long. We pulled over at any spot Shawn wanted to take pictures and also all the main sight seeing points. Our first real stop was the hot spots that the water or mud is so natural hot it steams and boils. After seeing a few different spots of those we headed to Old Faithful. We had just missed the last eruption so we walked over to the beautiful lodge they have there and walked through the gift shop. Suz and I were pretty tired so we went and found seats while the guys walked up and say some more little hot spots. Old Faithful wasnt very faithful that time and was actually 25 minutes late but it was awesome when it finally erupted. After that we ate lunch there and headed out to the waterfalls which I will post the pics of in the next post. It was starting to get late and we started to head back out of the park to go get some dinner and of course on our way out there was a big delay cause 1 buffalo was holding up traffic! When we finally made it out we went to dinner at this really yummy pizza place called The Gusher. Their pizza was SO GOOD!! After that we went back and sat in the hot tub and actually got Shawn to join us that time. I think I fell asleep the second my head touched the pillow!

Kamrin and I at our first stop in Yellowstone

Shawn and Suz

Shawn taking a picture of the first hot spot we saw

A hot spot
The heat stream headed into the river

This hot spot looked awesome!

Shawn and Suz by the tour bus we didnt ride in :-)

Old Faithful!!!

The ugly buffalo that held up traffic

Boiling mud

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