Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

BYU Cougars

He was so excited to wear his BYU gear!

Him yelling out "GO COUGARS"

She just woke up so wasnt into it yet :-)

My cute little monkeys!

He was trying to teach her to cheer. She was not impressed :-)

Im not a sports type of girl. Dont even know many rules or how most are really played. I know the basics of most but not in depth at all. Basketball is the one I know the most about. My dad and brother Shawn are HUGE sports fans. They even enjoy watching golf which in my eyes has to be the most boring thing to watch on tv ever! Shawn is so passionate about it that I remember growing up when the refs would call bad calls he would yell out a few choice words and sometimes even throw things at the tv and when things went his teams way he would run around the block screaming and waving a flag of the team playing! So there is a few things in sports that I do get into. BYU Football and Jazz playoff games. I dont watch all the games on either but Im more willing to watch those 2 things then any other sport events. I love getting into the "Holy War" which is when BYU and U of U play against each other. On Saturday BYU had their opening game and I got the kids dressed up in all thier BYU gear and sent pics to my brother of them and all our other BYU fans family and we actually watched the last half of the game even though they were expected to lose. I loved watching Jaydan getting so into it and cheering like crazy! I want to make more of an effort to let him see other sports and see if thats something that interests him. He has a Cougars hat that he has had to have with him ever since Saturday :-) After they won and he saw how excited we all were he really got into it. I had him call my brother just to say GO COUGARS and he was in a panic trying to find his hat so he could wear it to call him lol! Even though Im a HUGE girly girl and Kamrin is not into sports either we are going to start showing him and trying to teach him about sports so he can decide if thats his interest or not. So far he LOVES BYU football!!

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