Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

End Of The Yellowstone Trip

The second day we drove to Mammoth Hot Springs which was an extra long drive because the road that would have made it not very long was closed for construction OF COURSE! That was a very awesome and very stinky experience! When we pulled up to the little town there was Elk EVERYWHERE! All over all the lawns and there was rangers everywhere making sure all the people left them all. We went to Yellowstone with Kamrins family last year but I did go up to see the hot springs cause it was the last day there and I was done and at that time Jay was 2 and Maddie was 7 months and they were both DONE with Yellowstone so I stayed back with them and his grandma. This time I got to go see all that I had missed and do it all without juggling 2 young kids! It was SO nice!! After we saw the hot springs we did see a couple waterfalls that day but they are pictures in the last post. That night after our LONG drive back to West Yellowstone we went and ate at a little diner and Kamrin and I went walking the streets while Shawn and Suzanne went and saw an IMAX. We had seen that one last year so chose not to go again. That was pretty much the rest of the evening. We were all beat and had to get up early to start our journey home.

We woke and and went and got our last free breakfast and packed up the car and headed out. We decided not to go home the shorter way we came to get there. This time we went in the park and drove through Grand Teton and WOW that was awesome! We hit 2 bad spots of horrible construction which brought HORRIBLE traffic to make our longer trip home that much LONGER. Right out of Grand Teton is Jackson Hole then we headed back towards Idaho and come the rest of the way through there. It was so nice to get away and have adult time but by then I was ready to see my kids again!!! I missed them so much!! It was a great trip and Im so glad Shawn and Suz invited us to go with them!!

My chipmunk friend

If you look closely there is a bald eagle in that tree

Shawn was snapping pictures like crazy :-)

Lawn full of Elk

More Elk

The hot springs were STINKY!!!!

Mammoth Hot Springs

Leaving the park for the final time

This is an arch way made out of horns in Jackson Hole

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