Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Thanksgiving Point

Petting the pony

She LOVED the pony ride!

Jay on his pony

Maddie on hers

This post is out of order but I forgot to add it because August was a crazy month for me. In August Thanksgiving Point has $2 Tuesdays which means its only $2 a person to get in and since I had never been there we went down I believe in the middle of August to check it out. They have a dinosaur museum, a little farm, gardens, little shops and more. We were going to go to the dinosaur museum since normally its around $15 a person but when we pulled up and saw the line was wrapped around the building we scratched that idea. We went to the little farm town instead. The kids LOVED it there. Jay got to pet a little pony and they had ponies you could ride so I stood on line for an hour and a half while Kamrin and his grandma walked around with the kids til it was close to our turn. I knew Jay would do okay on the pony but I wasnt too sure how Maddie would react. Well.....she LOVED it. In fact she kept yelling "NO NO" when I went to take her off. Their reactions were worth me standing in line so long for sure! After the farm place we went to eat and it was a really fancy place. Of course we were the only ones with kids in there at the time and boy my kids were not on their best behavior either! I was pretty embarrassed at points! I even had to take Maddie out at the end. In their defense we had woke them up from their nap early so we could go before everyone got off work. After dinner we went and got FUDGE to bring home and it was SO YUMMY!!! It was a really fun day and I would love to go back and do more of the things there soon.

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