Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wendover Getaway

Kamrins parents treated us to an AWESOME Wendover getaway from Sunday to Monday (Labor Day) They got us a room with a king size bed, jacuzzi right next to our bed and the shower was not only a shower but a sauna also!! Not only that but that night they got us tickets to see Larry The Cable Guy who is my favorite comedians! I have been so excited for this for months now. Sunday his parents came and picked us up so we could car pool. When we first got there we checked in at the hotel and they went to check out their room and we went to check out ours. After seeing how awesome our room was we went down to theirs and off to the buffet we went. The food there was so YUMMY and when I saw the desserts I knew I was in heaven! They had approx 15 different kinds of cheesecake, pies, doughnuts, cookies, cakes and more!!!!! That was a tough decision to make :-) After we were all stuffed to the max Kamrin and his dad ran out to the car and took our stuff to our rooms and his mom and I walked to the Peppermill Concert Hall to get our tickets from will call. The guys met us there and it was show time!! They first brought out an opening act for Larry and he was HILARIOUS! By the time he was done my cheeks were already hurting from laughing so hard! Then the big moment came and Larry came out. He did his act for about an hour and a half and wow by the end of that show my cheeks and side were killing me from laughing so hard but it was so worth it!! After the show we went back to the hotel and gambled for only a half hour or so just to show his mom the penny machines cause they are the fun arcade games. After that we called it a night and went back to our rooms to relax and awwwww it was so nice!!!!!

The next morning we checked out and went to the breakfast buffet which was also YUMMY! We gambled for another half hour or so and headed home. Theres not too much to do in Wendover when your not big gamblers :-)

I just want to thank Kamrins parents for such an AMAZING fun night!! We really appreciate them treating us to something like that! It was fun to spend quality time with them also. We dont get that very much so it was alot of fun! Thanks mom and dad!!!! We love you!!!

Our king bed and jacuzzi tub!!

The whole room lit up like that!

Larry The Cable Guy!

He cracks me up!

Sorry I know these are blurry and bad quality but I forgot my camera so I only had my phone to take pictures with

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