Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dinsneyland Day 3

The 3rd day we started at Disneyland just til California Adventure opened and when we first got there Mickey, Minnie and Donald were greeting people wearing their Halloween costumes. Jay was so excited to go get his picture taken with Donald. We all went and drove the little cars they have there and Jaydan really loved those. Then we headed to California Adventure and first went on Screamin. Wow what a rush that was! Then we rode as many of the rides we could. We did it in 2 groups so 1 group stayed with the kids and did things with them and the rest did the adult things. We then went off in a few different groups til we met to have dinner with Ariel and all the other princesses!!! Kamrin and I took our kids to Bugs Life rides and Gran joined us there. Then was time to eat at Ariels Grotto! I was SO SO SO SO excited for this because Maddies favorite character is Ariel. Every time she sees her on anything she lights up and yells"MERMAID!" I was excited to see how she reacted to her since she had been so terrified of all the characters so with Ariel being her favorite it was going to be interesting. As we headed down the stairs there was Ariel posing for pics with everyone as they went in. I looked at Maddie and asked with excitement "Maddie, who is that??" She lit up and said "Mermaid!!" As we got closer to her Maddies reaction turned from smiles to tears. Same reaction to her as the rest she cried when Ariel looked at her and when they got close. She was screaming when the guy taking pics said "Say cheese" and Maddie instantly flipped towards him, stopped crying and yelled out "Cheese!!" We all started laughing SO hard!! Even Ariel covered her mouth and started laughing!! As we were walking away to go eat Ariel whispered to the camera guy "That was the cutest thing I have ever seen!" It really was quite adorable and hilarious if I must say so myself!! As we were eating that very YUMMY food they would bring out 1 princess at a time and she would go from table to table taking pics with everyone! It really was so much fun and a great experience!! They had Ariel, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Belle and Cinderella there!! After dinner we finished the night in Disneyland because California Adventures closed early.

Jay and Donald Duck!!

Maddie and daddy

Jay driving mommy

He LOVED driving these cars!

The group that went before us on Screamin

Kamrin and I with his parents on Screamin!!

Their eyes even moved!


Jay after standing by McQueen and Mater

He is my favorite from Bugs Life and this roller coaster was so cute!

The scariest ferris wheel I have ever been on!!

Maddie enjoying herself

My little family on the ferris wheel before it got scary!

Maddie with her favorite princess Ariel!!!

The kids with Belle!

Love the look Maddie is giving Belle :-)

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