Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Final Day of Disneyland

The last day of our trip we split up and did whatever we wanted to do. We went last minute souvenir shopping and we worked really really hard on eating as much as possible so our food vouchers didnt go to waste. We pretty much had a full day at Disneyland because we didnt fly out til later that night. I was sad our trip was coming to an end because we all had so much fun but at the same time I was so ready to be home! You dont know how excited I was to give my kids a real nap!! Plus having 13 people all together for that long was enough. I was ready for it to be just us 4 again. That day we did do a few things as the group but for the most part we split up and did our own thing. We headed to the airport around 530pm. We were all so excited to go home and of course our flight was late! After landing, getting our luggage, going on the shuttle to our car and dropping people off to Kamrins parents house then headed home we didnt get home til midnight! Luckily my kids slept in GREAT and napped so good for a week after we got back :-) Disneyland was such a great experience!! I would love to go back in a few years when the kids are old enough to really enjoy it and understand how amazing that place really is!! Im not sure if Gran reads my blog anymore but I just wanted to publicly thank her for such an amazing vacation!! We all had the time of our lives and I will hold the memories for years to come!! Thank you Gran! We love you!!!!!

All cuddled up in the stroller to take a nap in Disneyland!

She had enough of Disneyland at this moment

What a 3 year old looks like after a few days of non stop fun with no real nap

What a almost 2 year old looks like after 4 days in Disneyland :-)

The best soft pretzel and hand dipped corn dog I have had in my life!!!!!

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