Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Disneyland Day 1

Our first day we flew in so early we still had the whole day to be at Disneyland! When you walked up to the gate you can see all the decorations and they are all so amazing there. I loved looking at everything there. One bad thing is we did so much there that I dont remember the order we did everything so Im going off of the pictures I have but only have pictures from the first half of the day :-( I know we did Honey I Shrunk The Audience 3D movie the first day. All the 3D movies there were so awesome. We also did the Innovation building that had futuristic electronics. When we first went in there was a lady there who was showing everyone the futuristic piano and drum set. She asked for a helper for the drums and I saw Jay raise his hand so I picked him up so she could she him but by then she had already picked someone else. Then she asked for a helper with the piano and again Jay shot his hand up high and she chose him! He was so excited! I went with him and he started pressing the keys. Him and the other little helper played "I Just Cant Wait To Be King" from Lion King which happens to be Jays favorite Disney song at the moment. I was so proud of him. He had no fear at all being in front of all those people and he played his little heart out. After that we went over to the Finding Nemo ride which is a submarine and you see Nemo characters in the water along with other ocean life scenes. It was really awesome! After we went on the monorail and by then my kids were EXHAUSTED!! Jay fell asleep in Shaless' arms on the monorail so Kamrin, his grandma, Easton and I headed back to the hotel to give them naps. Yeah right!! That didnt work out at all. By the time we got there they both were wide awake and hyper as can be. Jumping on the beds and everything. After a while we gave up and headed back to the park. We had rented a stroller for Maddie for the whole time we were there and at that time we decided Jay needed one too. Not only because it is too ENORMOUS for a 3 year old to walk around for 4 days but they could take naps in them instead of trying to get them back to the hotel and have them wide awake by the time we made it there daily. It was one of the best decisions we made! They both napped in them great and we didnt have to miss out on stuff like we did the first day when we took them to the hotel. When we made it back we met up with the rest of the group and rode rides til about 8:30pm then we were all so beat we went to meet our shuttle to go back to our room. The hotel we stayed in at free playpens we could use which came in very handy. Both kids didnt fight at all that night. They both were so tired they were out QUICK! Our first day in Disneyland was very exhausting but VERY FUN!!!

Disneyland has AMAZING decorations!!

Jaydan playing the piano in front of everyone at the Innovation building

This coffee table was awesome! You turn the page with your finger and it was all digital

Trying to be a big boy and play video games

Still a little too small to drive a car :-)

Jay looking out the window of the Nemo submarine

Maddie with Grandpa Hammond in the Nemo ride

This is what you saw when you looked out the Nemo submarine

Out the Nemo submarine

Jay and Shaless on the monorail

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