Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Field Trip to Maceys

Jaydans November field trip was to the grocery store Maceys. They went to go on a tour and see how the store runs day to day. Some of the things they showed them was the deli, bakery. meat department, the COLD fridge, produce and customer service. When we went to the bakery the girl showed them how to make a rose out of frosting and gave them all cookies. One of my relatives works at the meat department there and Jaydan is related to 3 of the kids in his class so it was exciting for those 4 to see Larry working at the store! We got to walk into the fridge where they keep all the dairy stuff and man was it COLD!!! After the tour she took us back to customer service and she gave them a balloon, book and card for a free ice cream cone. They all had fun there!

Learning about the deli

Learning how to make a frosting rose
Eating his cookie from the bakery

Balloons galore

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