Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Disneyland Day 2 (The Pumpkin Family)

Day 2 of Disneyland was probably my favorite day! We started the day off pretty hectic though! We had reservations at Goofys Kitchen for breakfast at 9am and we made the mistake of not finding out where it was the day before. By the time we got to the park we went into Disneyland and Shaless and Pashell ran ahead and went to the far end of the park just to find out it wasnt there. Then we all were off to run to find it. We ran to the entrance of Downtown Disney and they said it was in California Adventure so we went to the gate and the park wasnt even opened so Pashell ran to the side to see if anyone would let us in and FINALLY we figured out it was in the Disneyland Hotel which was at the very end of Downtown Disney! So off we all ran like crazy! By the time we all made it to breakfast we all were exhausted, sweaty and thirsty as can be!! As we went in to our table we got to take a picture with Pluto. We were all matching that day wearing our orange family reunion shirts and as we stepped up to get our pics my mother in law pulled out Mickey ear hats for us all to wear. We all looked very festive :-) We basically got our own little room to eat in. It was a buffet and it was SO YUMMY!! As you eat there are characters that go to each table and take pics with whoever wants to!! It was so awesome and Jay thought it was the coolest thing ever!! Maddie on the other hand was TERRIFIED of the characters!
every half hour or so you hear an announcement for the kids to go to the center of the restaurant and Goofy either dances with the kids or they "make a cake" with him!! When "making the cake" with him they give the kids a big shaker with sprinkles you shake along with the song then they turn the bowl upside down and "wash" it with rags. When the song is over Goofy pulls the bowl off and there appears a play cake! Jay thought it was so awesome!! We had 5 characters visit us while we were there. Goofy, Chip & Dale, Jasmine and Baloo (or however you spell it) When any character even looked in Maddies direction she would scram and cling to the nearest adult. After breakfast we went back to Disneyland and the adults went on Splash Mountain with Gran stayed off with the kids. After we were all soaked we saw Pooh Bear, Eeyore and Tigger were at Pooh Corner so we ran and got the kids and went to get Jays pics done with them all. After we rode the Pooh ride. Then we went on more rides for the kids! Jay was so excited to go on Dumbo!! We went and walked through Toon Town which I LOVED!! We walked through Mickeys house and at the end there he was!! We also walked through Minnies but she was not home :-( Their houses were so awesome!! At the end of the night we rode the famous tea cups and that wasnt a great idea for most of us. I whacked my head AGAIN in the same spot I cracked my skull the week before, it made Kamrin sick and it made Kamrins brother in law REALLY sick. The kids laughed and giggled the whole time so it was worth it!! After that we were all so exhausted so it was time to call it a night.

The things we do to make the mother in law happy :-)

This is why most pics are of only Jay with the characters!!

Mickey waffles!!

Jay and Dale!

Eating at Goofys kitchen!

Group 2

Dancing with Goofy!!

Love those cheeks!!

With Baloo!!


Posing with the cake he helped Goofy make!

Happy girl when no characters were around!

At Poohs Corner!!

I LOVE his face in this pic!!!


Mommy and Maddie

Connor and Jay

On Dumbo!!

Hw was so excited for this ride!

I loved Toon Town!!

We finally found Mickey!!!

Driving the fire truck in Toon Town

Minnies computer!

Minnies dishwasher! It really bubbled!!

Maddie loved the rides there!

Jay and Landis

Getting sick on the tea cups

Jays reaction after the tea cups :-)

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