Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Preschool Halloween Party

The Wednesday before Halloween Jaydan had his preschool Halloween party. I got to stay and help out. It was so much fun and Lorraine had planned such fun stuff for the kids to do! First we did pics of each of them in their costumes by themselves and then a group pic which of course has everyone but Jay because he had to be right at my hip little stinker. After the pics we took them out of their costumes so they wouldnt get dirty. they got to color a Halloween pic. After that they made spiders cupcakes which were so cute. Had lunch and then got to have cupcakes because it was one of the little girls bdays that day. Then they got to pass out the treats they brought for everyone. They were all so nice and not only gave Jay the treats but Maddie and Morgan got one of each of them too! I came home with a whole grocery bag full of goodies!! I love how cute and fun Lorraine makes everything for all the little kids. I know Jaydan loves it all so much!

Jaydan as Mater

His class minus him of course

Maddie with Lonnies witch hat on

Coloring his Halloween pic

Making the cute spider cupcakes!

Eating a yummy lunch

Even Morgan and Maddie got to join in the fun!!!

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