Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Anniversary Weekend

Friday after my ultrasound I ran a couple errands and went home to pack for our weekend away. Right when Kamrin got home and changed we headed out. We first went on the search for deep fried pickles. We didnt have any luck cause places were either too busy or didnt exist anymore. We then went and checked in our room at The Little America. After checking it all out we went to dinner at the steak house downstairs and it was AMAZING food!! We then went to see the lights at Temple Square and walked through the Deseret Book across the street but it was so packed it didnt last very long. As we were leaving we realized Jane Seymour was there and thats why there was so many people there. She was the voice of the Christmas program this year. We headed back to our warm room and watched tv til we fell asleep. Kamrins parents deliver the papers to The Little America and when we woke up with our paper was 2 boxes of chocolates outside of our door. After being up for a bit our room service breakfast showed up. It was SO YUMMY!! We then decided to go swimming. Big mistake. They have 1 big pool that is half inside and half outside. There is a bridge you swim under to get to the inside/outside. The inside was packed with kids so we figured we would try the outside one since it was heated. It was warm but not quite warm enough for it being 10 degrees outside! Getting out was SO painful too. I honestly about cried those 30 seconds I was soaking wet and outside in 10 degree weather. We are so smart huh :-) We ran to the hot tub and since I didnt want to cook baby girl I just put my legs in and I heated right up! After we sat in there a bit we decided swimming in winter in a crowded place wasnt as fun as we were hoping for so we went back to the room. I took a nice long warm shower and laid down in bed and next thing I knew it was 2 hours later and Kamrin was playing on the computer letting me nap. By then I was STARVING and felt really yucky so I went to the gift shop and luck would have it they had EVERYTHING but Tylenol. They had Tylenol PM but since it was 12:30 in the afternoon and I just took a 2 hour nap I decided that wasnt the best idea. I went back up and got Kamrin and we started out adventures of the day. He had heard of this new amazing toy store in The Grand America so we walked over there to check it out and yes. it was AMAZING. Not your average toy store at all. They had the CUTEST baby girl sock I have ever seen and I could have done alot of damage there for sure. We then checked out the rest of the hotel and headed more downtown. I still hadnt eaten and by that point I was so hungry I was getting sick to my stomach so the first place we came to that sounded good I went for. We found this chinese place and went in just to check the menu out cause it was this tiny little place in the middle of downtown and decided after looking at the menu we would give it a try and Im so glad we did! Their food was amazing and they even had Pho which Kamrin loves and he never gets so we both were very happy campers. After that I found a drug store that had tylenol that cost a million dollars but it was so worth it! We then went shopping all downtown and walked around Gateway until meeting up with his family at Tucanos to eat. We had never been there and so glad we did! It was YUMMY!!!! After eating way too much we headed to Off Broadway Theater to see The Grouch Who Stole Christmas. It was so funny! I love plays like that. Even the actors would say something that wasnt in the script and there was a few time the actors had to stop and have a good laugh. When we got to our hotel there waiting for us was chocolate covered strawberries and raspberry cidar from Kamrins parents. It was the perfect way to end such a great day!!! They are so awesome for doing that for us!! We then got a good nights sleep. Went to a YUMMY breakfast buffet and ate way too much again and checked out and it was back to reality we went. It was such a great way to celebrate 5 years!!!!

The bath was so deep :-)

Room service breakfast the first morning

Best way to end our "trip"

Best I have ever had and cute too!

Even got a rose :-)

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brigette said...

Sounds like a great anniverssary! Congrats on 5 years!