Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, December 18, 2011


I was really worried my first ultrasound was wrong. I worried it was too early for them to really tell. I was supposed to have my follow up ultrasound on Monday but I got lucky and they moved it to Friday. My heart was pounding when I went back and they started it. Ill be honest I would have cried if they would have told me it was a boy. Not because I wouldnt be grateful for another boy but we were REALLY hoping for another girl. I of course would have loved another boy just the same but I wanted a girl to be the one to complete our family. Since I was little I have always wanted 4 kids. 2 boys and 2 girls. Plans changed a bit once I had Kamdyn and we decided 3 was plenty but there was other plans for us. Since we were going to have 4 I again wanted the "perfect" 2 of each. When they first told me it was a girl I cant tell you how excited I was! Well this time after checking all the important health stuff out he asked if I wanted to confirm the gender again. Of course I did and man did my heart start pounding! I told him about my dream and fear the gender had changed so he went right to it. He said "Well if I told you girl last time its still very much a girl" I smiled from ear to ear. He then said he was 150% sure this was a girl and would not grow any parts from here on out! YAY!!! I called Kamrin right away to tell him the AWESOME news and to say we are okay to start getting rid of all our baby boy stuff to make room for LOTS of pink and purple!!! Im so so so so excited to have another girl to dress up and put tons of bows and headbands on!

Our cute little PRINCESS!!

Yay for no "turtle" :-)

Very much a GIRL!!!

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