Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve day we spent most of the day getting the house ready for Santa to come that night. The kids have never cleaned that hard :-) We wrapped presents for our families and then headed to parties. First was a dinner at my brothers house. The food was so so so good! We then went downstairs for our gift exchange. We all got very spoiled as always! We them wemt to Kamrins parents to get our pjs, do our toasts with sparkling ciders which most of the toasts had to do with all these new babies we are adding to our family and also did our brother and sister exchange since Shaless and Jared would be with his family for Christmas. For some reason I didnt take any pictures at his parents :-( I love love love the holidays!! Nothing beats family, yummy food and watching the kids have so much excitement!! We then had to head home to say goodbye to Elfie (my kids cried and cried), put out cookies and milk and go to bed so Santa could come!

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brigette said...

Looks like a great time had by all!!