Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Fetal Foto

I have never waited to find out the gender at the mid pregnancy ultrasound the doctor does. Yes. Im THAT inpatient!! Anyways my plan was to go to Fetal Foto the Friday we checked in our hotel for our anniversary celebration and when they were going to do the gender shot I would look away. When we got to the hotel I would suggest we watch a movie and put that dvd in and we could find out together that way. I did something like that with Kamdyn and we found out just us 2 at home without even a tech there and it was really special! Since we got really lucky and got to find out super early on our anniversary I told him about my plan with Fetal Foto and I asked if he thought I should cancel it. He knows how important thing like that are to me and since we didnt get any kind of dvd and only a couple pictures he suggested will postpone the appt a week and still do it so this baby would have a dvd and lots of pics of the gender like our other 3 and it would be part of my Christmas! I was so excited! So I called and moved our appt to the night before Christmas Eve. Just Kamrin, the kids and I went and it was very special. It was also nice to hear from someone else the words "Its a girl!!" So now we are very confident to get rid of all our boy stuff and get lots of bows and dresses in its place :-) She is a very wild monkey! The whole ultrasound she had her legs crossed at her ankles. It was so cute!!

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brigette said...

Yay for adding to your sweet little family!