Our Family

Our Family

Friday, June 25, 2010

Hammond Family Vacation Day 2

Day 2 started really early since we went to bed pretty early the night before. We went to breakfast at the lodges diner and the breakfast food was just as amazing as the dinner food. Half way through breakfast someone mentioned Fathers Day and my heart sunk! I had completely forgotten it was Sunday/Fathers Day that day! I felt so horrible! I looked at Kamrin and told him Happy Fathers Day and told him how sorry I was I had forgot til that point. He was very understanding about it seens how when your on vacation the days kinda seem to blend together and you just focus on that days agenda rather then what day it actually is. Ill do a post for Fathers Day later. Anyways after breakfast we packed and loaded up and headed into the Grand Canyon. Our first stop was the north rims visitors center and from there we went to all the popular sites all along the north rim. In the late afternoon we headed back to the Rims Lodge to check in to our cabins and shop at the gift shop. We got in our rooms and I got the kids into a bath since we were going to be eating at a fairly fancy looking restaurant. We headed to dinner and after being there for a bit Jaydan started acting really out of it. He kept holding his head up and I figured he was just so exhausted. After eating for a bit he just kept getting worse so I decided to take him back to lay down while everyone finished. Right as I went to stand up he said he needed to throw up and luckily Shaless was quick and grabbed a bread basket for him to throw up in. I felt so bad for him and for the people trying to eat having to listen to throwing up. After he threw up I took him to the cabin. I kept trying to get him to drink Gaterade but he wouldnt at all. He seems so out of it. After he fell asleep I went into the other room connected to ours to hang out with Kamrin sisters and after a while he started crying so I went and took him to lay down on Pashells and Grans bed so I could finish a card game with Pashell and he had no idea where we were and even pointed to the table and asked if thats where I was going to sleep. When Kamrin came back to the cabin I told him I thought Jaydan had heat stroke even with everything we had been doing to try and prevent it. He agreed after we talked about all the things that had happened with Jay. Kamrin ran to the car and got him crackers and more Gaterade. We had him eat lots of crackers and 2 sippys full before we would let him go to sleep and sure enough that did the trick. He started acting so much better and by the next morning he was good as new.

Grand Canyon

My handsome little stud!

Jay watching the squirrel on our cabins porch

Her reaction to butter

Our awesome bed
Our fireplace in the cabin

This was our view when laying in our bed. Awesome cabins!

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