Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hammond Family Vacation Day 5

By day 5 I was so wore out and so was the kids. Some of our group went on a hike in the morning and after the hike was another run down the river in a raft. I didnt go on either of those. The kids and I went to watch Shaless and Jared shoot bow and arrows which only lasted a tiny bit then I took the kids to play on the playset. Also that day the kids got to ride Bonnie the horse again and the adults got to ride the horses freely in the arena rather then having to go on a trail and sticking right by each other. I rode Little Reba then but forgot to take a pic. We had some more down time where everyone just did their own thing. Right before dinner they gave line dancing lessons to whoever wanted to learn. It was so fun. After dinner they had a live band come in and play while the staff danced and them the guests would join in once in a while too. Jaydan loved to try and so the line dances. It was adorable! The next morning we ate breakfast and headed home! It was Jays birthday that day so I was excited to get home and do as much celebrating as we could. This vacation was truly one of the best I have ever been on! I love all the memories we made there. I really hope one day we get to go back there. I want to thank Gran for such an amazing trip!

Riding Bonnie again

Arena riding

She was so excited to ride again

Our last trail ride

Pashell and Shaless doing the Boot Scoot and Boogie

Jared and Shaless dancing

Maddie kissing DW. He thought the world of her. He thought she was the cutest thing that ever walked this earth. He even jokingly told her to look him up in 20 years :-)

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