Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hammond Family Vacation Day 3

On the morning of day 3 we were going to go to the resturant in the lodge but they were too busy so we decided to pack up and head for the ranch and stop and get something on the way. We stopped in Kanab and some got breakfast from McDonalds and the rest got it from Subway the we went to a park to eat and let the kids play. Wow it was the most amazing park I have ever been to in my life! The view was gorgeous and they had so many fun things there. Instead of dirt, gravel or wood chips it was filled with these rubber things that felt awesome to walk on. They would make you bounce with every step. We later found out that Stampin Up is the ones who fund that park and the rubber stuff was recycled rubber of stamps! I thought that was so neat! After playing there for a while we loaded up and headed to the ranch. We arrived around 1pm which is when they do lunch. After lunch we all got dressed in all our matching gear Kamrins mom got for us to take a family pic. Most of us were good sports about dressing up all the same in all our western gear :-) My kids sure looked cute in theirs though! After our family pic our ranch adventure begun. Our first thing was trail riding with the horses. Gran was sweet enough to stay with the kids so I could go also since she cant ride a horse anyways. Ill be honest I was pretty dang nervous. Not only was it my first time ever but Im pregnant which always makes me more nervous to do stuff like that in fear I will hurt the baby. We told the horse wranglers I was pregnant so they said they would be sure to give me a really mellow horse. My horses name was Snowflake and she really was a mellow and good horse. I had no problems with her at all. When we all finally got on our horses we were waiting for the wranglers to get on theirs to start leading us and I hear a horse freaking out behind me so I turn around and Kamrins horse was standing almost straight up on his back legs going backwards and he backed into a fence and thats when Kamrin was finally able to calm him down. I guess he got spooked by one of the other horses. Kamrin did really good calming him down but at that moment I second guessed my decision to go and almost chickened out. I decided to give it a try and I am SO glad I did! It was so amazing and I loved every minute of it! We were gone on that specific ride for almost 2 hours so of course I was a little sore when I got off but it was so worth it! After we got back it was time to go shoot bow and arrows. Kamrin helped the kids shoot a couple times and they both thought it was so cool. We had a bit of free time til dinner so everyone just did there own thing. A little after dinner we got to do the camp fire by ourselves and roast marshmellows. The kids loved this part. Maddie played in the dirt and got SO filthy! After the fire we took them to our room and gave them both a shower. After they were all clean they cuddled up together on Jays bed and watched a little tv. The second we turned out the lights and told them it was bed time they both fell asleep faster then they ever have in their lives :-) Day 1 at the ranch was so fun and I had already fell in love with that place!

Swinging at the cool park in Kanab

She LOVES the swings

The view at the park. They even had a little version on the Gateway fountains!

Kamrin picking on his little brother

Trying to take on his "little" brother Easton

My kids loved this park!

The cutest cowboy/cowgirl I have ever seen!

Our blackmail pic :-)

Snowflake my first horse

Horseback riding

Jay shooting his first bow and arrow

Maddie taking her first shot

Petting the ponies

Swinging on the huge playset at the ranch

They LOVED spinning on the tire swing!

They had so much fun on this playset

Roasting marshmellows

My filthy little girl

All clean and cuddled together

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