Our Family

Our Family

Monday, June 7, 2010

Pirate Island

Once a month Kamrins grandma takes us all out to dinner to celebrate everyones birthdays who are in that month. June we have Kamrins brother Eastons, Kamrins brother in law Jareds, Jaydans and mine. With it being Jaydans we try and make it not just a restaurant but a fun kid place too. I had heard of this place down the street a ways from BYU and it sounded perfect! Its called Pirate Island and its basically a pirate themed Chuck E Cheese. I had only ever heard great things about it so I suggested it and Jared agreed to let us do it there even though it would use up his birthday dinner too. Friday June 4th we headed to Utah county for some pizza and fun. When we got there they gave us our own room basically and it was like we were eating in a cave! There was treasure and everything dangling from the walls. All the workers dress up like pirates. There was 13 of us there and we only ordered 2 pizzas. They were the biggest pizzas I have ever seen in my life!! To give you an idea of how big they were we all ate at least 2 pieces (I think) and I know Kamrin and his brother Easton ate 6 pieces each! Yes, my husband can eat ALOT!! Anyways with all 13 of us eating these 2 pizzas we were able to take 2 pizza sized boxes full of left overs!! They ordered 2 different kinds of pizza for each pizza so there was 4 different types to choose from. I tried the chicken alfredo and meat one and they were both AMAZING!!! Their pizza kicks Chuckie E Cheese and Jungle Jims pizzas butts by far!! Their pizzas are so so so YUMMY!! Their bread sticks are some of my favorites that I have ever had in my life! Anyways after eating dinner they brought all us birthday people ice cream and sang to us Jaydan thought it was SO awesome that pirates were singing Happy Birthday to him :-) After we were all done we went and played in the arcade for a while. Everyone put their tickets together and let the Jaydan and Madyson have them all. There was 5 shy of 800 tickets! They both got alot of fun stuff with all the tickets. We all had so much fun. I cant wait to go back there again. The kids h ave been asking to go ever since :-) Thank you Gran for always spoiling us all!!!

He loved pirates singing to him!

Maddie and daddy shooting the lights

Air hockey!

Blocking aunt Shaless' shot

Pashell shooting

Driving in the kids play land

Maddie sliding. Yes, her shoes are on the wrong feet. She wouldnt let me switch them :-)

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