Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hammond Family Vacation Day 4

I dont remember the exact order we did everything this day but Ill do my best. I believe we started the morning off with another trail ride with the horses. The ranch puts things together so when the adults are away doing things like this the kids have something going on too. The first activity they had for the kids was riding a smaller horse. It started while we would have been out on the trail. We are the type of family who doesnt want to use stuff like that to babysit the kids but we want to be there to see them do their stuff also. We asked if we could do a short trail ride so we could be back in time to see them and they were nice enough to do that for us. This trail was different them our first. We actually got to ride the horses through the little town. After we got back we ran over to see the kids ride their horse and they LOVED it! Im so glad we didnt miss it. After we were all done with the horses we played lawn game. They have a bunch to choose from and we chose human foose ball. It was SO much fun and I laughed so hard the entire time!! After we were all beat from that they played ultimate frisbee but I sat out for that one. Then it was lunch time. After lunch everyone but Gran, the kids and I went on a river raft trip. While they were gone they did a treasure hunt for the kids. At first the kids were too tired but once they found the first rock they got all into it. Once we found all the rocks we went back and they gave us all icecream. When they got back from the river we went to our rodeo. This wasnt just any rodeo but a rodeo we put on ourselves. I of course didnt do any of it. I was
just the picture taker. First part of the rodeo was the barrel racing. They all had to get their horses to go around 3 barrels and whoever got the fastest time won. Kamrin won that one. Then they did a relay race. The first part was they had a ladle of water and had to ride their horse to the bucket to pour the water in and whoever got the bucket the fullest won that round. Second round was to get the rope around the wood cows neck then get on them and give your best hee haw. Final round was throwing a cow pie. Glad I didnt have to do that one :-) I cant remember what team won the relay oops. Then it was time for the kids turn in the rodeo. Jaydan was first to ride the sheep. They put his helmet and vest on and let go of the sheep. He didnt last long at all on there. He flew and rolled off. He did get a boo boo on his elbow but he is now so proud of it cause it makes him a real cowboy :-) After Maddie saw what happened to Jay she wouldnt go near the sheep lol. Then it was time for the real rodeo. They brought out the calf and Kamrin, his dad and his sister Shaless were the only ones who did it. I cant believe they all did it. After his dad did it they were still brave enough to keep going after seeing how bad it hurt. Kamrins dads biggest injury was his knee, Kamrin was his back and Shaless' was a hole in her hand from some rocks. After everyone was beat from the rodeo we relaxed until our hay ride around town. The night ended with dinner and bed after that since we were all beat!

Riding around town

My second horse Phantom

The sign while I was riding my horse

The lodge

He loved riding Bonnie the horse

And so did she

Riding Bonnie

Riding Bonnie also

Cutest thing ever!!

Kamrin flung his dad off the stick
Tug A War between Jared and Easton with the foose ball stick

Looks like Easton is going to whack Jared in the head

Ultimate frisbee

Treasure hunt

Kamrin winning the barrel races

Starting the relay race

Roping the wood cow

Showing off their scraps from the calf

Maddie on the hay ride

Jay on the hay ride under Eastons hat :-)

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