Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Jaydan Turns 4!!!

I cant believe my little Jaydan is 4! He turned 4 on June 24th. . We drove home from the ranch on his birthday. He was so excited when we told him it was finally his birthday. Right before we started eating breakfast the staff came and sang to him. He wa blushing the whole time but loved every second of it! He adores all the girls that worked there and followed them all around so for them to sing to him was extra special. They also gave him a blueberry pancake with whipped cream and sprinkles on top. I wanted to make his day special somehow for when we got home so I arranged with my sister for her to decorate our house for him while we were gone and also pick him up a cake. I ran in the house first so I could get a picture of his reaction. After we settled in for a bit I gave the kids baths and then my sister came to see the birthday boy. My mom also came after she got off work and then my other sister Steph came over. We had cake and icecream with him and opened hi presents. We played games and he played his new Wii game. Even though we didnt get to do our tradtional birthday date day with him that day I think he had a fun birthday and loved all the attention and gifts!

Jaydan is such a special little guy. He is so sweet and loving. He is always wanting to help others and shows concern when they seem down. I love everything about this kid and I am so thankful I am lucky enough to be his mom. I love you so very much little guy!! Happy 4th Birthday!!

Eating his pancake with whipped cream and sprinkles

His reaction to the secorations (Sorry its dark)

His banner

More decorations

Seeing with Kim gave him

Hello Matey!

Opening presents

A Cars helmet!!

His reaction to his new bike!!!

The very happy birthday boy!!

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brigette said...

Cute! Looks like he had a great bday!