Our Family

Our Family

Monday, December 8, 2008

2nd Anniversary!!

A collage of our wedding and the reception! Great memories!!

First pic as husband and wife!!!

Our first family pic right after being married!

First family pic with a family of 4!

Our most recent family pic! Arent we a cute family :-P

2 years ago today I married the love of my life and my best friend!! In some ways it seems like forever and in some ways its hard to believe its already been 2 years! This time 2 years ago I was a nervous wreck!! I was just hoping everything would turn out okay since we had only given ourselves a week exactly to plan it! It was pretty much my mom and I who put everything together because it was Kamrins busiest time at work so he was pretty much working from bright and early til all hours of the night and only going off of a couple hours of sleep a night. To top it off we were right in the middle of moving into our new home and not to mention we had a 5 and a half month old son to take care of. Kamrin and I had been together off and on for 4 and a half years at this point. We had alot of ups and downs but after all was said and done it just made our love that much stronger! We went for just parenting together to its complicated to promised to each other to engaged to married in a matter of 2 weeks!! Kamrin proposed to me at 4:30 in the morning on December 1, 2006. We decided to rush things and we wanted to be married as soon as possible so we chose exactly 1 week later to be married. We got married at Shawn and Suzannes ward and were married by Bishop Lykins. I walked down the aisle to our song My Best Friend by Tim McGraw. The wedding was perfect in every way especially for only having a week to plan. We spent our wedding night at our new house for the very first time which made it that much more special. The next night we stayed at Castle Creek Inn which is now our favorite getaway. We love it there!! We waited a month and did our reception on January 9, 2007. Kamrin planned all the decorations because he wanted to surprise me and it was beautiful in every way!!! It was perfect!! In the last 2 years our family has grown to not only us 3 but now we are a family of 4. We have our little Prince Jaydan who will be 2 and a half to the day on Christmas Eve and our little Princess Madyson will be 1 on December 21st. I feel so blessed to have such an amazing little family!! My husband is so good to us and takes care of our every need! He works so hard to give us a good life! He works so hard so I can stay home and raise our kids myself and I am so grateful for that! It has been 2 years with many more down the road and Im so excited to see what life brings us together!!!


These last 2 years have been the best years of my life and I cant wait to have many more like them. You are not only my husband and the father of my kids but you are my best friend. You have shown me many times that your love for me is unconditional and you will stand by me not only through the good times but also through the tough times. I know that I can count on you no matter what life brings our way and I know our love is strong enough to get us through the storms life throws at us. We have been through more together the last 6 and a half years then most go through in a life time and I know it has made our love that much stronger! You are such an amazing person and I am so lucky you chose me to be your wife. I feel so lucky to have 2 perfect little angels with you. You are a great dad and our kids love you more then anything. They both light up whenever they see you and Jaydan already wants to be just like you! He looks up to you and you are his hero. Maddie is definitely daddy's little princess! Thank you for all that you do for me and our kids. Thank you for working so hard to give us a great life. Thank you so much for working so hard so I can stay home with our kids. You are an amazing husband and Im so happy you are mine! You are the love of my life! I cant wait to see where life takes us together!! I love you more then words can describe! I wish there was a way to show you what you mean to me. I love you babe!!!! Happy Anniversary!!

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