Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, December 6, 2008

My New Do!!

My little man and I

She looks so scared for some reason

The new color


The new cut

So I decided it was way past time for a change on my hair. The ends were so unhealthy and I hadnt had a color in forever. So I made an appointment with my wonderful sister in law for this past Wednesday but decided to hold off since Maddie was still sick. I rescheduled it for Friday but then on Thursday Kamrin had to work late so I decided to try for that night instead. Poor Suz!! She is awesome and said I could go that night. Kamrin had no idea I was even going to get my hair done at all. It was fun to surprise him. I got chunks of red and chunks of darker brown put in and I was only going to get a trim but when it came down to it Suz talked me into 7 inches which Im glad I did cause it looks so good and so healthy now. Kamrin loves it too. He still keeps commenting on it and how much he likes it/ Thanks Suz!! Your the best!!