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Our Family

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Worst Part Of Being A Mom!!

Being a mom is the best thing in this world and I love every second of it good and bad times except 1 thing. Having sick kids is the worst part of being a mom. Its not only the lack of sleep, none stop crying and patience disappearing but the worst part of it all is looking at your sick child and feeling so helpless and not being able to take their pain away. My poor little Maddie is a very sick little girl right now. She was sick last week with your typical cold and/or teething but nothing major. I took her in cause she was pulling at her ears but they said it was just a mix of swollen gums and cold. Things started back to normal until Sunday night. She woke up alot and just didnt look good at all. Her stuffy nose actually seemed better though. Monday she was okay until the afternoon then she wouldnt play and just wanted to be held which is not normal for her at all. She started getting a fever that just got worse instead of better even when I gave her Tylenol. I started to worry but figured it was teething. Monday night was another sleepless night and by yesterday morning I knew it was time to take her back in. She was so bad that every time I even looked at her I would just cry. Her fever was 102 and wouldnt go down at all no matter what I did. At that point she wouldnt even move at all. She just laid there and wasnt even able to hold her head up at all. This was not my baby at all. She is usually on the go none stop and is way too busy to ever just sit on your lap let alone lay on you limp as can be. I took her temp before we left my house and it was 102. I dropped Jay off to my grandma and by the time I got her to the doc it had spiked to 103.7. Her heart beat was racing and her oxygen levels were low. All I could do was just hold her and cry. It was completely breaking my heart to see my baby like this. So after the exam and some tests we knew she had a double ear infection, a sinus infection and strep. My poor baby had pretty much every infection you can have in your head all at once!! No wonder she wasnt moving!! So we get her the meds and drug her every 4 hours to break the fever and it seemed to FINALLY start helping. Last night she was alot more perky, fever broke and she even danced a little when Kamrin put on Barney. It looked like we might actually get some sleep...... NOT!! She woke up at 1:30 and had a bad night after that. This morning her fever is back and she is limp again. She is taking a nap now so hopefully it will be a better story then but we will see. No matter what I have to take her in for a follow up tomorrow. I just pray that things look up for her very soon. I feel so bad for her. That is alot for someone to go through all at once but especially a baby!!


The Pendletons said...

Poor little Maddie I hope she is back to normal in no time.

Wall family said...

There is nothing worse than not knowing how to help your children. I hope she's better now.