Our Family

Our Family

Monday, December 1, 2008

Difficult Nights

The last few nights at the Hammond household have been LONG and VERY DIFFICULT. With sick kids in the house nobody sleeps. Our hardest one has been little Maddie. She has been up constantly and SCREAMS. Maddie is a very very very loud little girl. When Jay was 7 or 8 months old he went through this phase where he would cry a few times a night like a newborn so the doc told me to try crying it out where just let him cry himself back to sleep because he said its like someone saying they would give you $20 to wake up of course you would wake up but if they stop giving you $20 you wouldnt bother waking up. With babies they wake up for the attention, bink, bottle or whatever but once you dont give it to them they will learn to sleep through the night. Well after 2 nights it worked!!! With Maddie we have not been able to do that. She is SO LOUD it hurts your ears and Im afraid to let it go to long cause she would probably wake up Jay and trying to get him back to sleep in a fight itself. Anyways the last few nights my crazy daughter has been up so much that we have not got sleep especially me. Dont get me wrong Kamrin is actually great about getting up with her (I actually havent personally had to make her a bottle in the middle of the night in months now) but unlike him who the second his head touches the pillow he is out cold well me it takes half hour the the least to get back to sleep.
With her waking up every half hor to hour that leaves me with NO SLEEP! Im trying so hard to fight through it because poor Jay gets the bad end of that deal. Im pretty moody wwithout sleep. Im hoping and praying and crossing my fingers for just 4 hours of straight sleep tonight!!!!

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allan and alysha said...

Poor Ashley :( I feel for you! We have gone through the same stuff. Its harder to do the crying thing with the second baby, especially when they share rooms. I hope you get some sleep soon :)