Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Festivals Of Trees!

Last night we went with my mom and sister Kim to the Festival of Trees. I had never been before so I was really excited. It was so awesome. There was around 800 trees and they all were decorated AWESOME!! When we got close to the end we ran into Kamrins sister Shaless and her husband Jared. They had 2 stages on each end of the trees and on the one where we finished at there were little girls dancing to Christmas songs. This grabbed Jays attention. He wanted nothing to do with the trees after that he only wanted to stare at the girls. They were pretty dang cute so no wonder he stared at them. I cant wait to put Maddie in little dance classes like that. Watching little 2 and 3 year olds in tutus while shaking their little bootys was ADORABLE!!
Here are some of the trees that really caught my eye for different reasons.

1st Tinkerbell tree. I think Tinkerbell is so cute and love purple so loved this one!

Loved this tiny Tinkerbell one!!

Jay staring at the little dancers! He didnt even notice or blink when the camera flashed!!

Cougar tree!!!!

Here is for all you Twilight fans

I thought this gingerbread man kitchen was adorable!

This whole tree was made from blown glass!!

Maddie trying to stay awake

Jay with his Bob

Rivalry Corner... Go Cougs!!

1 of the Jazz trees

Christmas tree made out of golf clubs!! So creative!!

Neon puzzle piece tree

Jay loved the fireman tree

The AWESOME pez tree!!!

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