Our Family

Our Family

Friday, December 26, 2008

Our Great Christmas!!

First off I hope you all had an amazing Christmas! We had an amazing and special Christmas that I will never forget! Christmas Eve was busy yet exciting! Both my family and Kamrins family has traditions on Christmas Eve that we cant miss out on! My family always goes to my moms aunt Kays house and has a YUMMY dinner! Then we go to Kamrins parents to open our PJs, eat and sing songs (everyone puts up a fight on this one) It is always alot of fun and it made my kids exhausted! Christmas morning Maddie woke us up and we made sure everything was already to go and we went in to wake up Jay. It took him a bit to realize what was going on but once he woke up enough to realize it was Christmas he took off for the living room. It was so fun to see my kids open their presents and see how excited they got seeing all their new toys. They both got SPOILED!! Jay got a tool bench with all the tools and a race car he can build with it, a kid digital camera that takes pics and you can upload them and make prints, Its made to be dropped over and over and its even waterproof. He also got 3 Geo Trax sets with 5 different cars and trains for it, play food, fire truck and much more! Thats just from us and Santa! A few cool things he got from others was a Barney dvd with him in it!! They say his mane and everything! Its so awesome!! Also he got a train that goes around the track, gator golf, Play dishes for all his food and much more! He has been in heaven with all this new stuff to play with!! As for Maddie she got a whole doll set! She got a highcair, playpen, swing, activity mat, 2 diaper bags, carseat, and 2 strollers all for her dolls! She also got a few dolls! She loves dolls right now! She also got a sit and stand dancing tower! Im very excited for that! She also got tons of cute clothes and a learning piggy bank!! She has loved not only playing with her toys but brothers also! Also they got a together present from Aunt Shaless and Uncle Jared. They gave them a year pass to the zoo!! I got Kamrin Rock Band for our Wii! He had a blast playing it last night with his sis and her hubby! He also got a whole collection of books and dvds of shows he grew up with that he talks about all the time! Him and I both got a king sized blanket from my mom. I suggested it because we would play tug-a-war with our queen all night long! We LOVE our new blanket! No fighting over it and we can still sleep under the same blanket. Kamrin enjoyed everything he got and kept saying what an amazing Christmas he had! As for me I feel so lucky with everything I got! My sweet husband really put alot of thought into my present this year and it is perfect in every way! For those of you who dont know I am a picture freak! Love taking them and scrapbooking them! I have never even asked for this but he knew I would just love it! He got me a photo copier! Its also a scanner, fax and printer!! I love it!! I cant wait to play with it. It crops and edits your pics and everything! I have never cried so much on Christmas as I did yesterday! Good tears!A few moments that made me cry is when we were at Shawns house doing our brother-sister and neice-nephew gift exchange and Bill had my name and as I open it, it was a frame of oics of my kids that I hadnt seen. Also there was alot of prints of my kids in there too. It meant alot to me! Another crying moment was seeing Kamrins grandmas reaction to the gift we gave her. I made calendars of my kids for her. They took me 3 months to make them all. I did scrapbook pages for each month! She was so excited and started crying, then Kamrins mom and Kamrin started crying so I figured it was ny turn :-) Then when were at Kamrins parents house opening our gifts they gave us one that was only from his dad. It was pillows with pics of us on them. I of course cried! Then when we were on our way home we were talking about what a special and amazing Christmas it was and we both started crying! Thank you to all of you who made our Christmas so wonderful and special!!

Kim helping Maddie open her present from Jaydan!

Jays play food from mommy and daddy!

She was so excited!

Jaydans Gro Trax stuff!

My wonderful husband gave me this photo copier!

My father in law surprised us with these special pillows! One of the presents I cried when opening!

Kamrin, Shaless and Jared playing his new Rock Band for Wii
Jaydans favorite present! His own digital camera!!

Jays tool bench with the engine to work on!

You can flip the top and this is the other side!

Maddie now has a whole doll set collection!
Im really excited for this present Maddie got! She will be our little ballerina!

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The Pendletons said...

I am glad that I helped to contribute to your crying, special Christmas