Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Madysons 1st Birthday!

Maddie had quite a rough first birthday. She started having problems sleeping at 4am and was pretty fussy. Around 9am I went in to get her a sippy and Kamrin called for me and as I walked in she was throwning up over and over. I put her in a bath and she seemed to be feeling a bit better so we let her open presents from us. She was not too into it. She would get really excited at certain things but she just looked miserable. After presents we put her down for a nap. She slept for a few hours and seemed to be feeling a little better but still not herself. The next few hours were crazy busy getting everything ready for her party that night. Her party started at 530pm at Shawn and Suzannes house. All in all it turned out pretty good. She had her moments where you could just tell she was not deeling good. I assumed it had something to do with her 4 teeth that are making their way in (that would make me fussy too!) We had a soup dinner since it was so cold. It was all so yummy!! Then just as we were finishing up with dinner the front door opens and we all hear bells and Ho Ho Ho! It was Santa!! Shawn had a neighbor come over as Santa! It was so awesome. Suzannes older brother Kenny is handicap and he is just like a little kid. Seeing how excited he and all the kids got was so awesome!! Too bad Maddie does not like Santa at all but it was really fun for the other kids. When Santa was leaving Maddie saw him coming up the stair and held on to my mom with her death grip and just started crying. Poor girl! After Santa left we did cake and icecream. I made Maddies cake for her to dig into. It was fun but alot of hard work! I love making cakes like that for my kids! She was not as into the cake as I was hoping but its okay she didnt feel good so I kinda expected it. After cake was present time. She didnt really help with that part. It was all up to Kamrin and I to open them for her. She got so many fun and cute things!! Thank you everyone!! The next day I could tell it was more then just teething so I took her in to the doc and sure enough she was on ear infection #4! Now its time for tubes for her :-( My poor kids are falling apart! Having surgery on both around the same time is going to be a challenge thats for sure! All in all besides her not feeling great it was a fun day. I wish she could have enjoyed it more but there is always next year! Thank you to everyone who helped make her day special and for all the presents!!

Her in her birthday crown!

She loves this one!

Her new baby really swims!

The butterfly cake I made for her!

Jay with Santa

Her Princess Cake!

Getting ready to dig in!

Yummy Cake!

He helped sissy!
That much cake made her thirsty!!

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