Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


The whole week of Christmas I had felt nauseous, tired, emotional and my chest was VERY tender. Mmmm could I be pregnant?? Well I kept telling myself it was all in my head because I had started spotting just a couple weeks before that (December 10th) so I took that as my period. As everyday those symptoms got stronger I just kept brushing them off. Christmas morning as my kids were opening their gifts I just kept getting this feeling I needed to take the extra test I had. I dont like taking the tests that have lines. I like them to flat out say pregnant or not pregnant. Im weird but the lines ones confuse me. Is that a line? Is it just faint? Am I reading it right? Anyways I just like it simple. Either it just says pregnant or there is a not in front of it and you never have to second guess it! Anyways I bring this up because I made the mistake to send Kamrin to get tests a long time ago so I had an extra one I wouldnt take cause it was lined. Well I was desperate to get this feeling to go away. The feeling that kept telling me to go test. So when all of us were done opening presents, the kids were busy playing and Kamrin was setting up my ipod dock I went and grabbed the test and waited the 3 minutes for the results. I was shaking, telling myself what a waste of time because it was going to me negative, telling myself duh I had just had a period 2 weeks ago and all the sudden with my mind going 100 miles an hour the first line appeared. I knew it! It was negative! Oh wait there was a second line appearing! Getting brighter and brighter. I smiled! I smiled HUGE! Is this really happening? Oh my gosh Im pregnant! So after a minute of staring at the test and making sure this second line didnt disappear I pulled myself together, hid the test and went out. My sister was here and I wanted to tell Kamrin first and when we were alone. My sister left shortly after that. I grabbed the test. My heart was racing! I go in the living room where Kamrin is sitting on the floor playing with the kids and I held the test behind my back. "Kamrin I have one more present for you" He replied "Oh yeah? Whats that?" I pull it out from behind my back and show him. He starts to smile and says "GOOD JOB" I started laughing! Good job huh? Not quite what I expected but I found it quite funny! We hugged and shared a little moment. It was AMAZINGLY perfect! Then he tells me he wants to wait to announce it to everyone. I agreed but only for a minute. Its not every year Santa brings you a baby for Christmas! I wanted to shout it from the roof tops! I had the cutest ways to tell our parents and grandmas! I explained to him that I wanted to tell everyone on Christmas because that would be so special. For those of you that dont know I have had a few miscarriages and he just wanted to wait til we knew this wasnt another miscarriage baby. I completely understood where he was coming from but I explained to him if something like that had to happen to us again I would want the love and support from my family and friends and he agreed so off I went to work on my little projects to tell everyone!! I had grandma and grandpa frames so I wrote little notes to go in them that said Merry Christmas! Love, Jaydan, Maddie and Grandbaby #3 or Great Grandbaby #3 for our grandmas. I put them in Christmas bags and let them open them. It was fun to see how long it would take them all to catch on! After all our parents and grandmas knew we called our siblings that werent there and told them! Now with thinking I couldnt be pregnant I had no idea how far along I am or when I would be due for sure. If I go off my last real period not just spotting I would be 6 weeks and due August 24th, 2010!

There really is 2 lines!!!!

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