Our Family

Our Family

Monday, December 14, 2009

Our 3rd Anniversary!!

Going into Temple Square

I love the reflection pond!


The YUMMY cake Shaless and Jared brought us!

Fried Pickles!!!!!!

Last Tuesday December 8th was Kamrin and I's 3rd wedding anniversary! In some ways I cant believe its already been 3 years and in other ways it seems like we have been married for way longer then that. With our anniversary landing on a Tuesday we celebrated the Saturday before. I dropped my kids off at my brothers house and went and met Kamrin downtown. We went and saw the lights at Temple Square and man was it COLD! We only lasted about a half an hour before we both decided we had, had enough! After we warmed up a bit we went to pick up a food delivery Kamrin had delivered earlier that day for work. It was pretty cool to see what he does for work. After we were done taking all the stuff back to his work we decided it was time for us to eat. We both had been craving BBQ for a long time so we went to a place called Q4U since neither of us had been there. The food there was AMAZING!! After we ate we went to pick up some gift cards to kill time before our movie started. We went to a little theater out by our house and there was just us and 4 other people in the movie so it was awesome! We saw Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraws new movie The Blind Side which is an amazing movie and if you havent seen it you NEED to!! Its such a uplifting and feel good type of movie! Of course with movies like that you cry quite a bit (at least I do) but it is so so good! After the movie we were so tired we came home and went to bed.
On our actual anniversary Kamrin of course had to work but he did get off early to come spend more time with me :-) When I knew he was on his way home I put his presents out on the couch. When Jaydan came up from his nap he said "I want some mommy" and pointed to the sour patch kids and other treats. I told him he couldnt cause they were for daddy for an anniversary present. He said me what an anniversary was so to explain I told him every year we celebrate the day we got married and he said "Mommy I want to marry you so I can have those presents now" I started laughing so hard! I sure love that kid! When Kamrin got home we exchanged gifts and just spent time together. Our favorite show to watch together is The Biggest Loser and it worked out that the finale of this season was on our anniversary and for every premiere and every finale we have a little party with Shaless, Jared and Kim and we make a yummy dinner and treats and watch the show together. We decided it would be fun to still have the finale party on our anniversary. We got TONS of food from the delivery we picked up on Sat and decided to use some of that. We had turkey (the best I have ever tasted in my life!), beef, herb potatoes, cresent rolls and Kamrin made FRIED PICKLES!! Fried pickles are my new favorite food! I first tried them a couple weeks before Maddie was born and now Im hooked. When Kamrins family ordered them at The Garden restaurant I thought they were all so gross but then they convinced me just to try 1 and I could have ate just those for my meal! Yum yum!! Kamrin tried something new this time and it made them even better. He put dill seasoning in the tempura mix and wow they were so good!! Its making my mouth water just thinking of them :-) Shaless and Jared brought dessert and it was a CHOCOLATE cake that had Happy Anniversary written on it. It was the yummiest cake! All in all our anniversary was so great and so much fun! There is nothing better then great company, great food and a great show to celebrate :-)

Thank you for being my husband for the last 3 years! I couldnt have picked a better husband for me and a better dad to my kids! I love you so much! I love the man you are and the man you strive to be! I am so thankful for you and everything you do for our family! I am so thankful you work so hard so I can stay home and raise our kids! I am so excited to see what the future brings and many many more years together! Happy Anniversary! I love you babe!!

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Amy O'Neill said...

Happy be-lated anniversary!! Sounds like it was a fun day! The fried pickles sound good. Sonic used to have pickle-o's, which were fried pickles and I miss them! They were yummy!