Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Madyson!!!!

I seriously cant believe my baby girl is 2!! Madyson is so full of life! She is always amazing me at what she can do and say already. She wants to be just like her big brother so she picks up alot from him. Madyson is all girl for sure! She loves baby dolls and practicing being a little mommy, LOVES The Little Mermaid and she loves all her pretties (play jewelry)!! She is very obsessed with shoes! She loves to just sit in a pile of shoes and put them on and take them off just to put on a different pair and so on! She would do this for hours if I let her! Maddie has a bit of a temperamental side to her. If she doesnt get her way you better watch out!! She is so stubborn and will not give in easy at all! If you think her brother picks on her your WRONG it is the other way around! She puts up a good fight with him in the tug-a-war over a toy. Maddie also has a very sweet and sensitive side to her. She can always sense when I am having a bad day and she will come up to me and give me the biggest hugs ever and say "Its okay mommy" Those moments are the BEST! Maddies new thing is when she knows its close to bed time she says "1 more minute mommy" as she nods her head and holds up 1 finger :-) Madyson is a true blessing to our family!! Her and her daddy have a very special bond! She has him wrapped around her little finger! He is her little princess for sure!! The thing I love the most is watching Maddie and Jaydan together. They truly are best buds (except when one has a toy the other wants) and they show their love to each other daily! Jaydan is always so concerned about where his sister is and has to know what she is doing at all times. I love how close they are!

On December 21st Maddie turned 2! We started the day by taking Jaydan to Grandma Hammonds house so Maddie could have mommy and daddy to herself. Kamrin had to work for about an hour and a half so I took Maddie to get a sandwich at a deli my friend works at. She loves Jenny so she was so excited to see her. Maddie got to have her own sandwich, pick out chips and pick her own drink! She walked around the deli like she was such a big girl! After eating we went to Toys R Us and walked around looking at all the toys til Kamrin got off. We picked him off and took her to Jungle Jims! She loves all the rides there! She wanted to ride the swings first! I love watching her on the swings because she laughs the ENTIRE time! We had so much fun with her that day! We rode whatever she wanted and played whatever she wanted! After Jungle Jims I brought her home to try and get her to nap before her party but no such luck! She must have known it was not a day to miss even a moment of :-) We went and got Jaydan, had dinner and then went to her birthday party at my brothers house! We had cake and ice cream and she opened even more presents!! She loved every second of her birthday!! Kamrins sister Shaless and her husband Jared gave Maddie a HUGE life size cutout of Ariel and I wish I had a video or picture of her reaction! She kept saying "WOW BIG MERMAID!!" She loved all her presents!!


You mean the world to me and your daddy! We love you so very much and we are so thankful we get to be your parents. You are such a sweet little girl and you are so full of personality! You light up my day! Your smile melts my heart! You are such a blessing to our family and everyone who is lucky enough to know you. You bring so much joy and happiness to us! Your laugh is the best sound! You are so beautiful in every single way! I cant find the words to tell you how much I love you! You and your brother are my everything and no matter what you always will be! I love you baby girl! Happy 2nd birthday Madyson!!

Love, Mommy

Maddie telling me she is 2 today!!

Eating her sandwich as big as her head!


She LOVES the swing!

She was so happy :-)


She loved flying the planes

Maddie loved it! Daddy got sick on it!

Going down the slide

I thought I didnt have to worry about her driving for 14 years :-)

Going down the so called slide. Who puts carpet on their slides???

Playing in the playhouse

I told Maddie that daddy couldnt go on the spinning ride cause the roller coatser made him sick so she kept saying "Daddy blah" and she would stick her tongue out...I laughed so hard!!!!!

Stomping the lights
Playing mini skee ball!

Mini bowling

Mommy took her on the roller coaster again!

Getting ready to blow her candle out with her wild woman hair! She took her pigtails out on the car ride over of course!


An Ariel piggy bank for all that money!

Princess dominos!

Mrs Potato Head!!

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