Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Santa Field Trip

When I heard they were going to see Santa for Jaydans December field trip I was SO excited!! Jaydan is really into Christmas this year and talks about it all the time. Yesterday was the big day and when I told Jaydan it was time to get ready to go see Santa he grinned from ear to ear! When we got there luckily there was no line so his class got right in. Jaydan was SO cute when he got on his lap. He got shy and looked like he was blushing. I wish they would have let us take pictures with Santa :-( Santa gave them each a book and then we went and sat at the tables in the food court and got them cookies from Mrs Fields. It was such a fun time seeing all those kids so happy and excited!!!

He was so proud to wear his Christmas shirt for Santa

Waiting for his cookie

The whole silly class!!

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