Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Jaydans Preschool Christmas Party

Jaydan had his preschool Christmas party on December 14th. They started out by playing Christmas bingo which with 3-4 year old is pretty funny! Either they would eat all the candy or cover the entire board rather then listening to what was being called. After bingo they ate a yummy little lunch. After that it was present time! She has all the parents get a $5 gift that could go boy or girl and we put numbers on them and had the kids draw a number and whatever number they got thats what present they got. They also got presents from Lorraine, Lonnie and Grandma R! They all were so excited when it came to present time!! It was alot of fun for all the kids!

Even though he doesnt look happy he was having alot of fun!

Playing Christmas bingo

He had so much fun!

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