Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Sunday December 13th was a very busy day for us! We got tickets to see Elmo Live for some of Maddies birthday present and for the kids Christmas present from Kamrin and I. We got 3rd row seats on the floor!! I was nervous how Maddie would react being that close to the characters with her reaction to the charaters in Disneyland! She was so freaked out by them!! When the show started she got the biggest smile on her face and it stayed there the whole show! It was all so much fun! Im so glad we decided to take them to it! They both had a blast!!

The Elmos World set

Most of the characters on the stage at once!

Grover as a cop

Oscar The Grouch


Cookie Monster as a fireman

Jay waiting for it to start

She was SO excited!!

The characters came right down to us many times!!!

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