Our Family

Our Family

Monday, December 28, 2009

Our Christmas!!

Our Christmas was AMAZING this year! I have been so excited for months for Christmas this year because its the first year both of my kids are old enough to really get into Christmas and really understand it. Jaydan was so excited and loved every single thing that had anything to do with Christmas. Maddie loved talking about Ho Ho (Santa) and loved the thought of him bringing her new toys but seeing him in person was a different story! She would get death grip on whoever was holding her when Santa was in the room!

Christmas Eve night we had 2 family parties to go to. Our first one was at my brother Shawns house. We ate a YUMMY ham dinner to start the night. Our family is getting so big that the brothers, sisters and all the spouses draw names and we just buy for that one person. It worked out so well that the last couple years all the little kids (nieces and nephews) draw names also. This year Steph had Kamrin and she got him a screwdriver set and a measuring tape. Brandon had me and got me an ipod dock station so I could finally listen to my ipod without headphones. Bailey had Jaydan and she got him a nerf gun and some extra bullets which he LOVES. Tyler had Maddie and he got her a doll set that came with a baby, diaper bag and all the feeding stuff to go in the diaper bag oh and a car seat that you can put on your bag like a back pack! She had to open and hold the baby right away! After we opening those presents my mom opened hers from us, my dad opened his from us, all of us and the kids opened theirs from my mom. It was so much fun seeing what everyone got! After presents the door bell rang and we all ran upstairs and it was SANTA!!! It was so much fun seeing all the kids and Suzannes brother with Santa! After Santa left we left and headed to Kamrins parents house. Every Christmas Eve we go there and we open our Christmas pjs and put them on for the remainder of the time there. They usually do some kind of theme with them and since we went to Disneyland this year it seemed only right to have disney pjs! Kamrin had a Mickey shirt with black sweat pants. Mine was a green Tinkerbell set that I love! Jays has little Mickey heads all over them and Maddies has little Minnie faces all over them! They were all so cute! After in our pjs we eat a ton of snack food, visit, his mom TRIES to get everyone to sing songs and this year we opened all our brother/sister gifts since his sister and her husband would be in Orem with his family on Christmas. Kamrins little brother Connor had him and bought him these books to put all the stretch pennies that he collects in. He was so excited for this gift! Shaless had me had got me Victoria Secret spray, antibacterial gel and body wash in my favorite scent called Love Spell!! At 10pm we decided we needed to get our kids home and to sleep so Santa could come!!

Christmas morning I woke up first around 8 and went upstairs and woke up my sister Kim. She has spent the last 2 Christmas Eve nights with us and we LOVE having her! Kamrin came up shortly after and we put Kims bedding up and made sure Santa put the stuff in the right place, I grabbed the camera and ran down to walk the kids up! I was so excited! We went in Jaydans room first and said "Jaydan guess who came last night" He said "Santa brought us presents" So of course I said "Come on lets go up and see what he brought" He kept saying over and over "No Im still sleeping" I had to convince him to get up and go upstairs! After getting him up we went in Maddies room and said "Maddie guess who came and left you toys" She rolled over and yelled "NO!" So I tried a different way saying "Maddie lets go see the new toys Ho Ho brought you!" and again we got "NO!" She yelled that about 5 times til she finally stood up and got excited! What their faces as they walked in the living room was the best feeling as a mom! Watching your kids so excited and happy is priceless! They had so much fun looking at their toys that were opened and started playing right away. Then they started opening they ones that were wrapped. After everything was opened and they were busy playing Kamrin and I exchanged our gifts. Kamrin gave me a really nice ipod dock that has surround sound, cd player and even digital radio. I was so excited for it! Even though that was the same thing Brandon had given me on Christmas Eve the one Kamrin gave me is not a portable one and the one Brandon gave me is so it works out perfect. We put the one with surround sound in the living room and Ill use the one from Brandon downstairs or if Im taking a relaxing bath or something. The thing that amazed me the most was what he put in my stocking! He did really good stuffing it! You couldnt fit even 1 more tiny piece of candy in there even if you tried! About a year and a half ago I lost my keys and we have never replaced them because our van has a security thing in it where you cant just get a normal copy of it. It has to be copied my the dealer and those are not cheap so I have just been using Kamrins keys. Well he went and got me my own set of keys with way CUTE keychains from our trip to Disneyland! Lots of Tinkerbell ones because I love Tinkerbell and one that fits me PERFECT that says Born To Shop :-) Also he put a couple things of chapstick, $25 gift card for Itunes, ranch pringles, big box of Mike and Ikes, Lemonheads, TONS of mini candy bars and a Mt Dew!!! Im such a lucky girl :-) I got Kamrin some clothes, Mr Mac socks, The Muppets DVDs, Tools and a Wii game he really likes. After we were all done my sister left and Kamrins parents, his 4 siblings and his sisters boyfriend came over to see what the kids got. Then we went to Kamrins grandmas to each a yummy lunch and spend time with her. When we could tell the kids werent gonna last much longer without a nap we stopped at his parents to open our presents from them. They spoiled all of us! I got this ultra light hypo allergenic vacuum, kitchen mixer like a kitchen aid and these really cool food storage containers. This year his mom came up with a good idea that everything they gave the kids this year she would keep at her house for when they went and played there. After a couple meltdowns we decided it was time to go home for naps. Kamrin wanted to play his new Wii game so I went to my grandmas to spend time with everyone there for a while. When I came home my mom and sisters came with to see the kids. After they left we had dinner and it was bed time for the kids. It was such a great day for us all! We all had so much fun and got VERY spoiled!! We hope you all had a Very Merry Christmas!!!

Our cute new stockings!

The "big" gifts set up

All the other presents

Their reactions when the walked in and saw Santa came!!

Maddie went straight to her new baby and started feeding her :-)

Jaydan racing his new Mickey Mouse cars

Playing with her dolls mobile

Feeding her baby again :-)

Daddy and Jaydan playing with his new crazy race car thing (thats what he calls it)

He LOVES his new BYU Cougars hat!

Wearing his hat and holding his new BYU football!

Santa looked EVERYWHERE for this remote control Mater

Checking out his new remote control T Rex!

Opening presents together!

It scooters!!!!!

He just realized Santa put more presents under the tree

She loves her Tinkerbell!

Pulling out the movie from his stocking

Maddie pulling out her Ariel chapstick out of her stocking (She calls it her mermaid lip)

My sister Kim gave us this funny note!

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